An optimal control system helps ensure the stable supply of fruits and vegetables

Better for you, your customers
and the environment

  • Stable supply

    Temperature and humidity tailored to the product

  • Preserve freshness

    Preserve fruits and vegetables quality with technology that prevents drying during storage

  • Improve productivity

    Reduce food loss with technology that prevents spoilage

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Construct a system that ensures the stable supply of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are delivered to consumers in various forms, such as whole vegetables, gifts, and processed foods. However, if the supply chain breaks down due to bad weather, price fluctuations may occur because of shortages or overproduction. Additionally, due to global warming, the best time to harvest items may shift, resulting in a shortage of product during the peak sales season. Mayekawa can solve producers’ problems with systems based around its MYCOM Super Fresh technology.

MYCOM Super Fresh is a cooling system that can curb the moisture transpiration of fruits and vegetables in refrigerated environments, thus preventing fruits and vegetables from drying out and spoiling, and extending the period during which they can be stored compared to conventional refrigerators. Additionally, by combining the system with a thermal shutter (air curtain) the intrusion of outside air can be prevented during receiving/loading, resulting in a more stable internal environment.

MYCOM Super Fresh installation image

A new cold chain offering added value to the world

Fruits and vegetables serve as raw materials for various food products; thus, their stable supply is an extremely important matter. As the global food market rapidly expands, the way agriculture and business are carried out in Japan is being reviewed. However, as characteristics and conditions in other countries vary, the current situation is difficult.

At Mayekawa, we have been working on issues related to preserving the freshness of agricultural products ever since our founding, and are thus able to provide clients with optimal systems tailored to their individual products and environments. Our approach is the same in international markets as well. While collaborating with local subsidiaries and partner companies, primarily through our Head Office Food Products Department, we are closely exchanging information with our clients and adding to our track record of proven performance.

By preserving the quality of our client’s products with systems constructed in line with local climates, it is expected that new cold chain and business opportunities will arise.

Long distance transport test

Providing optimal technologies and products to clients through experimentation and verification

At Mayekawa, we approach issues from both cooling technology and fruits and vegetables characteristic aspects. Based on experimentation and verification with temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, and ethylene, etc., we offer optimal systems in combination with Mayekawa’s precision control technology. Additionally, we have specialists in every field capable of dealing with the wide range of products handled by clients.

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Our mission is to create a sustainable future by pursuing optimal systems,
equipment and technology while working side-by-side with customers.

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