Food preservation systems

Since its founding, Mayekawa has been working to preserve the freshness of agricultural products, developing low-temperature and controlled atmosphere storage solutions in the process. In line with the current globalization of food, we are developing solutions that allow agricultural products to be shipped year-round according to order flow, based on the idea that effective long-term storage technology that reduces food loss is needed now more than ever.

MYCOM Super Fresh - high humidity cold storage cooler

MYCOM Super Fresh

MYCOM Super Fresh compact type

No dryness, no condensation

MYCOM Super Fresh utilizes a system that is completely different from the dual method that uses conventional air coolers and humidifiers. There is no dehydration of the fruits and vegetables due to excessive dehumidification nor is there condensation resulting from oversaturation.

High humidity even at low temperatures

This is a cooler that uses water to cool the cold storage environment. As cool, humidified air is sent out while water drops are gradually removed, drops of water do not cling to the product like they do with units that are combined with humidifiers. As the temperature and humidity within the cold storage facility are simultaneously and continuously controlled, stable environments with relative humidity of 90% or higher, even at low temperatures, can be achieved.

There are two models to choose from depending on facility size

Regular, suitable for refrigeration systems for large-scale facilities, such as those used to store raw materials at the area of production.
Compact, - suitable for small-scale refrigeration needs, such as temporary storage containers at food factories.


  • Number of pallets that can be received
    MYCOM Super Fresh: 72 to 554 / Compact type: 16 to 36
  • Humidity (%RH)
    90% or higher
  • Temperature
    15℃ to 2℃ (59℉ to 36℉)


  • Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Flower storage and manipulation of flowering time
  • Raising seedlings
  • Mushroom cultivation

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