Air curtains

Air Curtains are mounted at the doors and shutters of food processing facilities, cold stores and logistics centers.
Preventing thermal circulation and shutting out insects improves the energy-saving and hygiene control of such facilities.

Insect repellent

Bugshutter - insect repellent air curtain

Bugshutter is an insect-repelling air curtain that shuts out insects and dust and keeps them from entering places such as food processing factories, distribution centers, and pharmaceutical processing facilities through building openings. Flying insects (houseflies, etc.) and those entering through food processing plant pharmaceutical manufacture hygiene problems such as bacteria being brought into the facility and insects getting mixed in with products can be safeguarded by preventing insects from entering the processing plant. More better protection from insects can be expected when used in combination with sheet shutter.
Additionally, it prevents heat from entering and escaping at the same time, so it can also serve as an energy-saving device.
・An air curtain solves the root problem by sucking in and capturing insects.
・The double air wall blocks insect intrusion.
・Implement more precise countermeasures by monitoring trapped insects.
・Gatepost-type design enables easy installation, along with easy insect removal and maintenance.

Double air walls prevent insects from entering


  • Good for widths up to 3,200mm (10.5ft)
  • Operating environment: 50 to -10℃ (122 to 14℉), relative humidity: 90% or less (even if the requirements on the left are met, there must be no icing or frosting)


  • Food processing factory
  • Meat handling center
  • Distribution center
  • Central kitchen
  • Pharmaceutical factory
  • Film production factory
  • Resin processing factory

Heat shield

Thermoshutter - heat shield air curtain


Thermoshutter is an air curtain that prevents air from entering and exiting a facility through openings where there are different temperatures on each side. An average thermal blocking efficiency rate of 75% (Mayekawa study) can be achieved.
This air curtain prevents warm air from flowing in and cold air from flowing out through openings in cold storage facilities where activities such as food production and distribution are taking place, solving problems such as rising storage temperatures and increased costs for cooling equipment.
・Stable storage temperature ensures product quality.
・Less condensation and frost in a cold storage decreases the defrost frequency.
・Prevention of heat loss reduces power consumption.

Optimal shielding of incoming warm air and outgoing cold air


  • Good for widths up to 3,000mm (9.8ft)
  • Operating environment: 45 to -10℃ (113 to 14℉), relative humidity: 90% or less (even if the requirements on the left are met, there must be no icing or frosting)


  • Cold storages
  • Frozen storages
  • Anterooms(dock shelter, air shelter)

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