Oct. 9, 2012

New Product "NewTon"

NewTon is a NH3/CO2 Cooling System developed by collective efforts of Mayekawa technologies with the purpose of preventing global warming in the industrial refrigeration field.

Now we offer four kinds of new variety of NewTon line-up dedicated to the individual market; NewTon R for cold storages, NewTon C for chilled temperature zone between -5 and +5 degrees, NewTon F for freezers, and NewTon S for ice arenas.

Refrigeration systems vary required temperature, capacity, operating time and how to cool depending on what to cool. Even if the bare compressor has a high capacity, without realizing the best performance of the system, the system can not achieve the substantial energy saving effects when it produces required temperature.

NewTon dedicated to the individual application can realize appropriate cooling, icing, and freezing conditions and its lean and efficient operation makes it possible to save energy.