Refrigeration systems

Choose from a range of refrigeration systems according to your temperature needs and facility size.
The freezing and refrigeration technologies that Mayekawa has developed through a long history of designing, constructing, and servicing refrigeration plants support the reliability and trustworthiness the company’s products have earned.
Additionally, in order to contribute to the prevention of global warming and ozone layer protection, we are increasing our product lineup by continually developing extremely safe and efficient refrigeration systems that use natural refrigerants.

Ultra-low temperatures -50 to -100℃ (-58 to -148℉)

PascalAir - air cycle system


Since air acts as the refrigerant, not an HFC, there is no refrigerant-induced impact on the global environment.
Furthermore, in the ultra-low temperature range from -50 to -100℃ (-58 to -148℉), it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional vapor pressure refrigeration systems.


Open cycle type

  • Cooling capacity: PAS15-R 15kW (4.3TR), room temperature -60℃ (-76℉)
    PAS30-R 30kW (8.5TR), room temperature -60℃ (-76℉)
  • Room temperature: -50 to -100℃ (-58 to -148℉)
  • Refrigerant: N.A. (working fluid: air)

Closed cycle type (Brine cooler)

  • Cooling capacity: 15/34kW (4.3/9.7TR)
  • Brine supply temperature : -50 to -90℃ (-58 to -130℉)
  • Refrigerant: Nitrogen or air


  • Cold storage for tuna/oceanic bonito
  • Rapid freezing
  • Freeze-drying
  • Home appliance recycling (cryogenic grinding)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing processes
  • Ultra-low temperature storage (-70°C) of Vaccine.
  • Markets requiring ultra-low temperatures such as the medical, pharmaceutical, and physics/chemistry fields

For freeze-drying and freezing, interior temperature -40 to -50℃ (-40 to -58℉)

NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system

NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system

An environmentally friendly cascade refrigeration system that uses ammonia as a refrigerant on the higher-temperature side and CO2 on the lower-temperature side.
As only CO2 is supplied as the secondary refrigerant, the risks associated with ammonia are minimized. This product is suited for use in situations where low temperatures are needed, such as freezers that have internal temperatures of -40℃ (-40℉) or lower.
By controlling the number of refrigeration compressors on the high-and low-temperature sides, it is possible to operate the system in line with the required load.


  • Cooling capacity: 150 to 800kW (42.6 to 227.4TR) -40℃ (-40℉)
  • Room temperature: -40 to -50℃ (-40 to -58℉)
  • Refrigerant: HT side ammonia (R717), LT side CO2 (R744)


  • Ice cream hardening line
  • product processing (freezing, freezer, freeze-drying)

7500m3(9800yd3) F class -20℃ (-4℉) or lower, C class -10 to -20℃ (14 to -4℉)

NewTon R/C/F/S - NH3/CO2 cooling system

NewTon R

NewTon C

Developed to counter the global warming impacts of the industrial refrigeration field, NewTon is a highly efficient non-freon refrigeration system that uses natural refrigerants.
Refrigeration compressor manufacturer Mayekawa employs the latest technologies in all of its compressor with IPM(Interior permanent magnet) motor, heat exchangers, and controllers.
Highly energy efficient, NewTon reduces the power consumption of the entire system, thus contributing to the reduction of energy-derived CO2.
Additionally, there is a rich lineup of NewTon products that have been designed to always operate efficiently in line with customer needs from freezer warehouses, cold storages, loading rooms, freezers, vacuum freezing, soil freezing, skating rinks and ice making.


  • Cooling capacity*:
    NewTon C 237.0kW (77.6TR)
    NewTon R 94.7 to 270.0kW (26.9 to 76.8TR)
    NewTon F 70 to 170kW (19.9 to 48.3TR)
    NewTon S 185kW (52.6TR)
    *In the case of cooling water at 32 ℃ (90℉)
  • Room temperature:
    NewTon C 2 to -10℃ (36 to 14℉)
    NewTon R -20 to -30℃ (-4 to -22℉)
    NewTon F -30 to -40℃ (-22 to -40℉)
    NewTon S (ice rink) -3 to -5℃ (27 to 23℉)
  • Refrigerant: primary ammonia (R717), secondary CO2 (R744)
  • Remote monitoring service


  • Cold storage
  • Ice making plant
  • Frozen, chilled food
  • Ice arena

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5000m3(6500yd3) F class -20℃ (-4℉) or lower

REABEL - NH3/CO2 cooling system


Equipped with a highly efficient semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, REABEL is a natural refrigerant cooling system for small-scale installations such as freezer storages, small-sized freezers, and other freezing applications.
Using the natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2, it is environmentally friendly while also demonstrating excellence in efficiency, reliability, and safety.


  • Cooling capacity:
    RCS-22L-PR2I 37.1kW (10.5TR)
    RCS-22L-NN2I 37.1kW (10.5TR)
  • Room temperature: -20 to -35℃ (-4 to -31℉)
  • Refrigerant: primary ammonia (R717), secondary CO2 (R744)


  • Refrigerated storage installations, nominal capacity of 500 to 2,000 t (1102311 to 4409245lb) *when two units are connected.
  • Flake ice making facility, 10 t/day (22046lb/day)
  • Freezing facilities using small-scale freezers, freezer processing capacity 100 to 200kg/h (220 to 441lb/h)
  • Batch freezing facility, 1 to 3t/day (2205 to 6614lb/day)
  • Process cooling equipment
  • Food processing, fats and oils manufacturing, etc.

For use with small-to medium-sized facilities/C class, interior temperature 10 to -10℃ (50 to 14℉)

SIERRA A/W - NH3/CO2 chilled package



The SIERRA series was developed to meet the demand for natural refrigerants in the chilled temperature market for small and medium-sized loading rooms and ante rooms that to date had to be handled by refrigeration units that utilized HCFC and HFC refrigerants.
Using the natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2, it is environmentally friendly while also demonstrating excellence in efficiency, reliability, and safety.


  • Cooling capacity:
    SIERRA-A 20.5kW (5.8TR), ambient temperature 35℃ (95℉),
    supplied CO2 temperature -7℃ (19℉), room temperature 0℃ (32℉)
    SIERRA-W 24.1kW (6.9USTR), cooling water inlet temperature 30℃ (86℉),
    supplied CO2 temperature -7℃ (19.4℉), room temperature 0℃ (32℉)
  • Room temperature: 10℃ to -10℃ (50 to 14℉)
  • Refrigerant: primary ammonia (R717), secondary CO2 (R744)


  • Small and medium-sized loading rooms and front rooms

Use for 30kW (8.5USTR) class of cold storage

COPEL - CO2 booster package


COPEL is a CO2 refrigeration package developed for small-size cold storages and freezing process in food factories. This package is suitable for 30kW class cold storages whose required capacity is smaller than that of NH3/CO2 cooling systems.


  • Cooling capacity:
    36kW (10.2TR) *Room temperature -25℃ (-13℉)
    23.1kW (6.6TR), *Room temperature -35℃ (-31℉)
  • Ambient temperature: -15 to 43℃ (5 to 109℉)
  • Refrigerant: CO2 (R744)


  • Cold storage
  • Freezing process for food factory

Heavy duty F class -25 to -40℃ (-13 to -40℉)

South Polar - NH3/CO2 cooling system

South Polar

South Polar is developed based on the technology cultivated through NewTon R&D, which is a CO2 brine cooler unit that uses safe, highly efficient, eco-friendly ammonia as a refrigerant.
The unit is safe as ammonia only circulates in the machine room, and the amount of the charge is kept to a minimum.


  • Cooling capacity: 440kW (125.1TR)
  • Room temperature: -25 to -40℃ (-13 to -40℉)
  • Refrigerant: primary ammonia (R717), secondary CO2 (R744)


  • Cold storage
  • Frozen and chilled food

Condensing unit

With a core utilizing the MYCOM compressor, which is produced in-house and boasts a wide-ranging lineup, a diverse range of condensing units can be designed and manufactured.
The control panel is also produced in-house.
We will propose the condensing unit most suited to client needs.


  • Cooling capacity:
    30 to 3000 kW (8.5 to 852.9TR) *NH3, Te=-10℃ (14℉)
    30 to 8500 kW (8.5 to 2416.6TR) *NH3, Te=-40℃ (-40℉)
  • Room temperature: -60 to 5℃ (-76 to 41℉)
  • Refrigerant: ammonia (R717), HFCs


  • Cold storage
  • Processed food production processes
  • Industrial product processes
  • Ice-making plants, etc.

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