Ice making systems

Utilizing its extensive experience in the ice making business, Mayekawa developed a highly efficient system capable of producing highly-quality ice. With a particular focus on preventing global warming and protecting the ozone layer, we continue to develop equipment that uses natural refrigerants while also considering safety and efficiency.

ECONICE-P/F – automatic ice making system


plate ice machine

flake ice machine

We offer two types of ice making systems. One makes high-quality plate ice that is hard and as transparent as crystal, while the other makes flake ice that is suitable for rapid cooling while also being highly transportable due to its thickness. These are machines wherein CO2 that has been indirectly cooled by a refrigeration system that keeps the amount of ammonia charged to an absolute minimum, is pumped to a heat exchanger for ice making. Since the CO2 is not mixed with any lubricant, there is no drop in performance caused by oil accumulating in the heat exchanger used for making ice.

plate ice

flake ice


    A standard lineup of ice making systems capable of produce 3, 6, 9tons (6,614, 13,228, 19,842lb) of ice a day
    Refrigerant: Primary ammonia (R717), Secondary CO2 (R744)
    The standard ice thickness: 15mm(0.6in), Surface size: approx. 30 to 60mm (1.2 to 2.4in) x 60 to 100mm (2.4 to 3.9in)
    Average ice making capacity: approx. 10tons (22046lb) of ice a day
    Refrigerant: Primary ammonia (R717), Secondary CO2 (R744)
    The standard ice thickness: approx. 1.3mm (0.05in)


  • Maintaining the freshness of marine products
  • Cooling applications at food processing plants
  • Reactive heat cooling at chemical plants
  • Artificial snowmaking

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