Gas generation systems

We have delivered the refrigeration plants in the marine market for so long years and taking full advantage of these experiences, our nitrogen generating system for a various types of tankers are also designed to carry the flammable gas cargoes very efficiently and safely.

PSA nitrogen gas generating system

Open type

・ In comparison with the membrane system, a significant energy saving with higher efficiency and high purity nitrogen gas production is achieved.
・ The use of special adsorbent which has high durability and efficiency makes it possible to down size the unit which results in space saving.
・ High sound deadening arrangement.
・ High security and easy maintenance configuration of equipment.
・ Wide range lineup of units from low to high purity of nitrogen gas production.

Special adsorbent: Molecular Sieving Carbon


  • N2 Purity: 95 to 99.99%
  • Nitrogen Generation Capacity: from 10Nm3/h(6CFM)
  • Supported standards: NK


  • LPG Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Oil Tankers

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