Automation of meat processing improves productivity.

Client Data

 Meat processing
Pork processing capacity:
 500 heads/day
Production system:
 1-shift work


To fill the gap in production line automation and increase production efficiency

The company has focused on automating the production line of the meat processing plant. Until now, they had no automated machine for pork ham deboning process and had to rely on manual labor. It was difficult to secure local workers, so they had to bring in workers from abroad. Turnover among workers was high, however, and they had to repeatedly train new workers to debone. As a result, the production efficiency was not stable.


OEE-enabled Mayekawa automation solutions

In order to solve this problem, the company decided to introduce 1 unit of HAMDAS-RX automated pork ham deboning machine, which Mayekawa began selling in 2011. The company has required OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) - enabled for all introduced production facilities so far. This is because each process is adjusted using OEE as an index, and the production line to be further improved. This was the same for Mayekawa's machine, so Mayekawa improved HAMDAS-RX with tangible and intangible initiatives to enable OEE.


Quantitatively assess daily production and improve production efficiency

The company's use of HAMDAS-RX freed them from training new workers in the deboning process when their workforce experienced turnover, and they were then able to dedicate their workforce to HAMDAS-RX and other production line operation training. HAMDAS-RX's response to OEE also enabled the company to check the daily operating status of HAMDAS-RX and quantitatively assess the productivity of the pork ham deboning process. HAMDAS-RX met the OEE target value agreed at the time of the contract. As a result, the guarantee had been completed, and HAMDAS-RX has continued to operate smoothly so far. The company is satisfied that this solution has resulted in improved production efficiency.

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