Providing stable process temperature with
thermal storage system

Client Data

Production capacity:
 750,000 hectoliters


The brewery located close to residential area

The brewery invited Mayekawa due to their familiarity with our products and previous installations from other projects. They sought a compact, high-performance refrigeration system without using ammonia gas, opting for halogenated gas instead, considering the proximity to residential areas.

This project aimed to support a new brewery in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, situated near residential homes, local businesses, and an environmental protection area (APA). The goal was to introduce a new beer brand, initially producing 750,000 hectoliters/year in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo. The beer, a pure malt family brew, consists of three labels: Pilsen, Helles, and Duknkel.


System control based on thermal accumulation

A refrigeration system features a stratified thermal accumulation reservoir, primary and secondary centrifugal pump circuits for recirculating a 30% ethanol solution at (-1℃/ -5℃) between the process and the refrigeration plant. It includes chiller cabinets equipped with screw-type compressors operating with halogenated gas, motors powered by frequency inverters, 100% evaporative condensers, a programmable control panel, and an HMI for user-friendly interaction with the refrigeration system. The system controls the start and stop operations based on thermal accumulation.


The effects of implementation

Following startup and performance assessment, it was evident that the system exceeded expectations. The thermal accumulation reservoir enables the system to maintain process temperature stability with minimal fluctuations, approximately within a range of 0.5℃. This stability is achieved with little to no interference from machine room operators, thanks to the automation system. The Coefficient of Performance (COP) is recorded at 3.4 for the primary circuit, indicating efficient cold generation.

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