We have a blog!

We are excited to announce that Mayekawa is joining together in the Americas to begin a blog that will offer more information to the customer in English, Portuguese and Spanish. This is a great way for us to keep you in the know about upcoming events, trade shows, new products, press releases, promotions and more. The blog is separated into three categories: events, products, and press releases. The “News and Events” category is where you go to learn about new trade shows, internal/company-wide events, sponsorships, and other news. If you want to know about MYCOM or other Mayekawa products including promotions and product launches, you can find this in the “Products” tab and of course, you can find all press releases in the “Press Release” tab. We will be keeping this blog up-to-date, so visit our website often to keep in the know. You can also follow our blog postings on our social media channels. We want to hear from you too! If there is a topic you would like for us to explore, email us at info@mayekawausa.com. We are excited to bring great content to your screen.