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MyCore RC-100 Product Launch

Mayekawa is excited to launch the newest control panel in the MYCOM family: the MyCore RC-100 control panel for reciprocating and mini-screw compressors. This is the next generation controller replacing the MYPRO CP1A and MYPRO iP. This panel has controlling capabilities for MYCOM M, WA/WB, WBHE, HK, L, and K reciprocating compressor models as well as MYCOM MHS 1290/1410 and the i mini-screw compressor models.

The MyCore RC-100 panel features a 5.7” LCD color touch screen and USB connections for import and export of settings, data logging and screen captures.  The panel provides optimized control of the entire compressor unit, including capacity control, VFD speed control and alarm monitoring. Languages include English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian and German.  MyCore RC-100 contains communication protocols Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU-RS485 with matching address listing for MYPRO CP1, CP1A and iP panels. The MyCore RC-100 supports refrigerants, R717 (NH3), R404A, R507A, R134a, R22, R448A, R449A, R513A and R744 (CO2).

To learn more about the MyCore RC-100 speak with your local sales representative https://mayekawa.com/americas/mna/company/sales_representatives/.

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