Control panels

We design and manufacture dedicated control panels for MYCOM compressor units. They will help you achieve optimal operations of your factory and production lines.

MYPRO TOUCH+ - Control panel for screw compressor units

The new generation MYCOM control panel, the MYPRO Touch+, is designed as an intuitive interface to MYCOM’s industry leading compressors. Features such as simple icon menu interface, touch panel control and USB interface make the MYPRO Touch+ the easiest way to control MYCOM compressors.


  • USB connection
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Modbus RTU protocol and controller capabilities
  • Pasword protection
  • Available SD card storage
  • Expandable system control
  • Ethernet Protocol for AB compactLogix and MicroLogix processors

MyCore RC-100 - Control panel for reciprocating compressor units

A control panel for reciprocating and small screw compressor units. This control panel provides optimized control for the entire compressor unit, including capacity control, VFD speed control, and alarm monitoring.


  • Equipped with data logging function
  • Communication with the host PLC is possible through Modbus protocol
  • Multilingual support


MYCOM’s PLC-based automation solutions produce a non-proprietary, turnkey solution using common industrial components that reduce maintenance and time. MYCOM PLC based systems are designed and fabricated in our UL-508A approved facility.


  • Compressor sequencing
  • Multiple setpoint shifting
  • Defrost scheduling
  • Wet bulb control
  • Power curtailment for energy use reduction during peak kW periods
  • MYPRO-CP1A microprocessor-based controller for MYCOM reciprocating compressors and mini-screw compressors

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