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Heat Pumps

Mayekawa has been manufacturing large-sized airÔÇÉconditioning heat pumps since 1971 well in advance of our competitors. You will find our products at various places where air conditioning systems and high temperature water are needed including offices, data centres, museums, public buildings, sporting and food processing facilities.

CO2 Heat Pump series

Mayekawa's CO2 heat pump series are highly efficient electric heat pumps which recover heat from air and water and make hot water using the transcritical cycle of the natural refrigerant CO2.

Eco Cute "unimo A/W"

Unimo A/W is a high efficiency heat pump hot water unit using natural refrigerant CO2. unimo's ecological footprint is minimal compared to a combustion boiler type hot water unit, the cost of generating hot water is one third, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions to almost half. This versatile unit has various commercial and industrial applications with its built-in control system operating the hot water storage, heat retention and hot water supply to achieve high efficiency across various operating conditions and throughout the year.

Eco Cute "unimo W/W"

Unimo W/W uses water as its heat source (including waste hot water) to generate hot water and cold water simultaneously. This industrial heat pump achieves remarkable energy savings by combining simultaneous heating and cooling from one unit boasting a combined COP of 8.
This performance is achieved using the transcritical cycle of its refrigerant CO2, providing hot water outlet temperatures of up to 90℃. For example, a heat source water temperature of 22℃ results in a capacity of 26 ton (90℃). This makes unimo W/W ideal for applications that require both heating (high quality hot water) and cooling on a constant basis such as food processing facilities, resorts and hotels.

  • COP is the coefficient of performance

NH3 Heat Pump Plus+HEAT

Plus+HEAT can produce hot water up to 85℃ from various heat sources such as condensed waste heat from compressors, waste heat in factories, river water and lakes.

Vapor Recompression (VRC) System

This energy-saving system remarkably reduces boiler steam consumption by recovering steam from rectifiers in breweries and vapor from rectifier tanks in distilleries as low pressure steam, increasing that pressure, and providing it as heating steam to kettle and the bottom of rectifier tanks.