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Our mission is not simply to freeze food products.

We aim to provide the ultimate way to efficiently maintain quality, providing optimal freezer solutions for a wide variety of products including seafood, agricultural products, livestock products, sweets, breads, and prepared foods of varying shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

We also share values cherished by our customers, working closely with customers at all times to provide solutions tailored to the needs and challenges unique to each country and area.

This is the spirit that goes into our new freezer brand "CHORUS".

As symbolized by the CHORUS wolf logo, our exceptional teamwork makes it possible for us to speedily deliver new freezer solutions to our customers.


Thermo Jack Freezer

Thermo Jack Freezer is a tunnel type freezer for continuous rapid freezing which shortens freezing time by up to 75%. Thermo Jack has an impinging jet effect in addition to conventional air blasting. Shortening freezing time results in improved product quality and reduces equipment footprint. Mesh belt and steel belt types are available. They can be applied to a wide range of products from liquid or granular form to packaged or unpackaged pieces.
Cleaning is also made easier with a simplified drain pan which comes as standard with the unit.

Flow Freezer

Flow freezer is an individual quick freezer for products such as pre-cut vegetables and shrimps.
By blowing up cold air from below the oscillating conveyor belt this freezer can achieve rapid surface freezing of each product piece.