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Eco Cute

Transcritical CO2 heat pumps. The future is now, and it's beautiful.

Eco Cute "unimo A/W" –air to water heat pump–

Mayekawa "unimo A/W" became the leader of commercial/industrial market in Japan, Asia and Europe. The heating capacity is more than 80kW, the largest in the world. The solution is suitable for hotels, restaurant, hospitals and any food process factories.

Basic Specifications

  • Hot water supplied: +65 or 90℃
  • Heating Capacity: 80kW
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): 4.2
  • Weight (kg): 1,344 (net) / 1,359 (operating)
  • Dimensions (mm): W1,250 × L1,900 × H2,082


  • Environmentally friendly: No burning of fuel is involved and NOx or CO2 emitted.
  • Highly powerful, but compact: Only 2.4m2 space is required for installation.
  • Large range in feed water pressure: 0.15 MPa/21.8 psi up to 0.49 MPa/69.6 psi pressure is acceptable as feed water to Eco Cute.
  • Low running cost: Utilization of off peak electricity generates 60% of reduction on running cost.
  • Re-Circulation heating possible: The water in the tank can be kept heater-less constantly over 60℃, eliminating any risk of Legionnaire's Disease.
  • High safety: Absent of combustion units and fuel storage.

Eco Cute "unimo W/W" –water to water heat pump–

Mayekawa has developed a standardized water to water heat pump with a heating capacity of more than 100kW, the largest in the world. The heat pump simultaneously provides both hot and cold water with a combined COP of 8.0.

Basic Specifications

  • Hot water and cold water supplied simultaneously: +65 or +90℃ hot water, -9 to +32℃ cold water
  • Heating Capacity: 100kW
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): 8.0 (adding the heating and cooling COP)
  • Weight (kg): 1,130 (net) / 1,143 (operating)
  • Dimensions (mm): W1,140 × L1,293 × H1,919


  • For industrial use with high water supply needs.
  • Can be used for waste heat recovery.
  • High efficiency for combined cooling and heating.
  • Stable performance throughout the year.
  • Reduced operating costs compared to heavy oil- or kerosene-fired water heaters.
  • High safety through absence of combustion units and fuel storage.
  • Full automatic operation.