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While the global environmental change has been more and more significant, it becomes critical issue for every enterprise to take environmental measures such as the effective use of limited sources and the reduction of CO2 emission.

Mayekawa has long been providing high COP equipment including environmental-responsive heat pumps and environmental-conscious appliances for customers who aim to realize energy saving and conserving water.

These years we introduce semi industrial Eco Cutes to provide much hot water without using combustive energy to hotels and food processing plants in Japan, Asia and Europe. By using air or groundwater as a heat source Eco Cute reduces over 60% of CO2 emission as compared with conventional boiler systems.

Next generation of adsorption refrigeration chillers can make chilled water using low exhaust heat below the temperature of 80℃ (176F), which was supposed to be difficult in the past. They realized cooling systems harnessing solar heat and chilled water suppliers for processing, using exhaust heat of a plant.

In addition we not only provide energy-saving equipment but also design systems and plants which ensure perfect conditions to use such equipment optimally. we develop heat pumps harnessing renewable energy such as well water, river water, sewage water, sea water and geothermal, and systems and equipment like wind generators, which make use of the natural resources effectively and safely to meet customer's requirements.


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