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Refrigerant Equipment

Mayekawa worked its first compressor over eighty years. During these years we have been committed to all kinds of technical developments and commercialization, cultivating the knowledge of every detail of compressors.

With time changes have occured requiring such as systemization featuring refrigeration, heat transfer technology and applications to other fields. As a result of developing new “cooling” technology to address the requirements, our markets have expanded into energy-related markets, food processing markets, and ultralow temperature markets, providing a wide range of family products.

All Mayekawa's compressors are built-to-order manufacturing to tailor to customer's requirements. We have production engineering which can deliver quickly to meet a wide range of requirements.

Reflecting the multitude of built-to-order manufacturing compressors we have a tremendous variety of kind of compressed gasses, the diameter of rotors, the length of rotors, the size of discharge ports, the variable volume ratio, the materials tailored to the kind of compressed gasses, the number of stages, reaching to approximately 600 types. These rotors are cut in-house. Since our establishment the number of compressors both reciprocating type and screw type has reached almost 120,000. With regular maintenance our robust compressors will operate for more than several decades.

Our pursuit to develop compressors, our main pillar, is unending. We will continue to provide new models of industrial compressors to industries.