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Our On-site After-sales Services

Mayekawa has consistent ideas that business is creation by teamwork of small groups. This idea is especially important in the “technology” world. Because technology should not be based on impractical arguments or book knowledge alone but based on “real site”, “real things”, and “real situations”. Therefore something in practice generates in illogical situations, not logical situations. In these situations environment or invisible cooperation between members is critical.

When “the art of services” is needed, a plant is in production and can't stop operation for long. “Real technological strength” and “service capabilities” are required of every service member of Mayekawa in order to deal with the failure of the system in the plant accurately in the sphere of “real site”, “real things”, and “real situations”. Naturally individual members have their own techniques just like pro-soccer players who have incredible skills. That is not all. For example, Mayekawa's service men offer proposals from results of usual overhaul and repair. They specify and repair failures, then diagnoses how compressors are used in the system. Based on these judgments they offer proposals tailored to the plant. They are not just a service men nor a mechanics but also engineers. When it is difficult for them to find solutions, they organize into teams with other members of Mayekawa to deal with the problem.
For greater customer satisfaction we offer fine-tuned services using our powerful global network which can't be bettered by competitors.